ES FCF FCF 6300-3W-V2 aktyvus konvektorius

Aktyvus konvektorius ES FCF 6300-3W-V2 Developed using the latest technology.

A fan coil can be easily described as a high efficiency water heater with built-in fan. The hot / cold water from eg an ES multifunction tank or other heat source heat radiator element and the fan then blows out warm / cold air in the house. The fan coil unit also increases the efficiency of a hydronic heating system.

High capacity

For those who have a house with directacting electric radiators and therefore lacks a waterborne distribution system, the fan coil units a very good option when you convert the heating system to water heat together with for example a heat pump. It is generally considerably cheaper and more efficient to install a few pieces of fan coils in the housing instead of installing traditional radiators. The capacity of a fan coil is usually considerably higher than a conventional radiator in relation size. The placement of a fan coil is important for energy savings. They should be placed in a well-chosen spot in the house which allows the heat to circulate efficiently and to maximize savings. The optimal placement is in ground floor main room, usually living room, open to the hallway, dining area and any staircase to upstairs. ES Fan Coils are configured to easily replace an existing radiator. The units can be hung directly on the wall or stand on the floor. The pipes to the fan coil can be concealed and connections can be made behind or at the base of the unit, the flexible connecting hose makes it easy to adjust the fan coil low and high heat levels.

User remote

ES FCF convectors have an intuitive remote control where it is easy to change settings such as set temperature and fan speed. FCF series have a very low noise level.

Aktyvus konvektorius ES FFCF 6300-3W-V2 combining units for maximum effect

FCF series can withstand water temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius and a major advantage is that the units deliver extremely good heat even at low water temperatures. In combination with heat pump, this is a major benefit, when lower flow temperatures in the heating system results in higher efficiency of the heat pump.


ModelisFCF 6300-3W-V2
TipasPastatomas ant grindų
(a) Šaldymo galia3.1 kW
Vandens tėkmės greitis573 l/h
Slėgio kritimas28.00 kPA
(b) Šildymo galia4.20 kW
Vandens tėkmės greitis573 l/h
Slėgio kritimas24.50 kPA
(c) Šildymo galia6.3 kW
Vandens tėkmės greitis600 l/h
Slėgio kritimas25.00 kPA
Vandens tūris1.48 l
Didžiausias darbinis slėgis10 bar
Vandens jungtisG1/2
Didžiausias / mažiausias oro srautas580 / 300 m3/h
Didžiausias / mažiausias garso slėgis 42/ 33 dB(A)
Vartojama elektros galia33 W
Svoris34 kg
Gabaritai (AxPxG)580x1294x129 mm
Garantija36 mėn įrangai
Kaina su PVM6180 Lt
Kaina su PVM1789 Eu